Monday, December 8, 2014

Migration to new Voice Mail

Manage your voice mail and Email from the same place.  Voice mail  messages will go directly to your Outlook email inbox!  Listen and read a transcript of your voice mail right from Outlook.  You'll love it...

Getting Started guide

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Force's class to discuss one of my favor mobile device tools... the ElectricSlide.  No, I don't mean the dance you do at wedding, but an outstanding tools for doing online presentations.

Electric Slide works great, is very easy to start using and you can try it for free. Your presentations can originate from any computer, or  any iOS device with internet connectivity. 

Give it a try.

-copied from MobileDevice Blog

Convert web pages to PDFs

To create a PDF of an entire webpage (no need to scroll down, then copy and paste, multiple times), choose CutePDF Writer as the printer.  It will create a PDF of any webpage. 

Using any browser, navigate to the webpage you want to capture. (In my example, I am using Mozilla Firefox.)  Go to Print and use the drop down arrow to find CutePDF Writer.